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Exposed Skin Care Reviews

Exposed Skin Care is a unique two-in-one acne-specific supplement that comes with both herbal as well as synthetic science-based ingredients that are best known to treat all kinds of acne lesions and provide rapid and yet sustained relief in mild …

Clear Skin MAX Reviews


Clear Skin Max is a 6 Part Acne System developed by Roduve – a company well known for making skin care products. According to the Clear Skin Max website, it claims to “get rid of your acne for good” …

Zenmed Reviews

Zenmed anti-acne and skin care system seems to have a unique mode of action that specifically targets both the root “cause” (internally) and the “effect” (externally) to reduce redness, pimples and lesions and prevent any additional breakouts. Zenmed is a …

Acne And Treatment With Probiotics

Introduction And Background

We keep hearing different things all the times, sometimes there is a cream that can work wonders for acne and sometimes it is an old wives tale that gets us out of the scrapes. But more often …

Acne And Gluten

Introduction And Background

There is a common misconception that the only people who get acne are teenagers. While it is true that their age group is the one that is most affected and out of four teenagers, three will definitely …

Does Junk Food Aggravate Acne?

 Introduction And Background

The question that you all might love to ask is whether or not junk food has any affect on acne? Does it worsen acne, does it aggravate it or make it worse? The term –junk- has …

Can Acne Be Completely Cured At Home?

 Introduction And Background

When skin conditions are just around the corner or have happened already, every single one of us freaks out. We either run to our parents or expect them to simply produce some sort of miracle cure or …

Cucumber and Skin – Natural Skin Nourishment


Taking care of the skin is something whose importance cannot be stressed upon enough and that importance has surely become more commonly recognized as people invent new methods to protect the skin every passing day. The field of medicine

Carrot Juice and Skin – Studying the Benefits


Skin care is one of the most sought after and researched on fields in all of medicine. With millions and millions of dollars being spent on the creation of new drugs and treatments every passing day, the sole purpose