How to get rid of acne? Are you looking for a solution to your acne problem? If you are, you can stop now!

Here you will find the answer on how to get rid of your acne for once and for all.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of incorrect, partial and inaccurate information which may even endanger your health…
It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find in depth and trustworthy information about how to get rid of your acne for good.

We don’t want to tire you, so we’ll get straight to the point and show you the best acne products that we found in our in depth research.

These products were chosen carefully, following our research, in which we put together a list of all the products which are well known to have all of the ingredients that are needed to treat and cure acne and do not harm facial skin when they are used.

In addition, we researched and read up on a huge number of critiques on these products and made sure that those who use them are satisfied with the results and actually reported their success after using them.

In the end, we chose the 3 leading products and we want to show them to you here. This way, you can go straight from our website to the manufacturer’s website, purchase the product and get rid of your acne for once and for all.

Acne Products Comparison Chart:

Exposed skin care

Exposed Site


Zenmed Site


ClearPores Site


Murad Reviews

Proactiv Solution

Proactive Reviews

Ranking#1 *Editor's Choice*#2#3#4#5
SCIENTIFIC ACTIVES & Skin Repairing Ingredients:
Benzoyl Peroxide Kills Acne Bacteria
Salicylic Acid Unclogs Pores
Glycolic Acid Renews Skin
Sulfur Dries Sebum
Azelaic Acid Normalizes Skin
NATURAL EXTRACTS Proven to Heal Skin:
Green Tea Kills Acne Bacteria
Passion Flower Reduces Inflammation
Aloe Vera
Soothes Irritated Skin
Sage Extract
Fights Free Radicals
Gotu-Kola Improves Skin Healing
Good For:
Normal Skin
Sensitive Skin
Oily Skin
Costumer Reviews
(60-day supply)
Full Review Exposed ReviewsZenmed ReviewsClearPores ReviewsMurad ReviewsProactive Reviews
Official Website Visit Exposed SiteVisit Zenmed SiteVisit ClearPores Site

At this page you can find more in depth information about how to get rid of acne, starting from how acne develops, through to the different types of acne and the different myths about it.

So what are you waiting for? Read our conclusions and go straight to your preferred manufacturer’s website and purchase the product which will rid you of your acne, once and for all.


From the research that we conducted, we found that Exposed Skin Care is the most recommended acne treatment in the market today, meeting the three criteria that we checked with flying colors.

1. Exposed Skin Care contains all the chemical Ingredients that have been proven to prevent and cure acne, such as: Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur and more.

2. It contains a large number of natural Ingredients known for their efficacy in curing acne, benefiting, nurturing and soothing the skin.

3. The user responses to the product were noticeably the most positive – the product users seemed to be reporting amazing and positive results when using the product regularly.

Therefore, we chose Exposed Skin Care as the most recommended acne product to treat and prevent acne.

98% of users saw clear skin in less than 30 days. It’s the first product to use specialized scientific actives and many powerful natural additives to clear acne fast without any dryness or irritation.


Exposed Skin Care is a unique two-in-one acne-specific supplement that comes with both herbal as well as synthetic science-based ingredients that are best known to treat all kinds of acne lesions and provide rapid and yet sustained relief in mild to moderate acne as well as more serious acne that creates nodules and cysts.

Being composed of two types of ingredients i.e. natural as well as synthetic scientific ingredients, Exposed Skin Care consists of a synergistic system that combines ingredients from science and nature to create a product that renews and penetrates the skin to clear clogged pores of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The ultimate goal of Exposed Skin Care is to clear up troublesome acne, create an even skin tone and prevent new acne from forming.

Most users’ testimonials do show that they have been able to achieve such goals after regular and continuous use of Exposed Skin Care. Furthermore,It is generally considered suitable and safe for all skin types and for all types of acne.

Can be easily and securely ordered online without leaving the comfort of your own home

It is a multi-component, multi-step product that can be used to treats all kinds of acne lesions and relieves mild to moderate acne as well as more serious acne that creates nodules and cysts

With no continual side effects for its users; men and women using Exposed Skin Care system will see no excessive dryness to the skin while treating redness, irritation, itching, inflammation and scarring.

Visit Exposed Skin Care Site

5/5 Overall
5/5 Acne Treatment Power
5/5 Ingredients Quality
4/5 Company Service
5/5 Long Term Results
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Clear Skin Max has been formulated specifically to address acne problem using a selection of all natural active ingredients that work with your skin to cleanse, clean and revitalise without any side effects.

Clear skin max is one of the newly emerging anti-acne and specific skin care branded products that is reportedly used for improvement, resolution and healing of the pimples-affected skin. It is an “all herbal” product with “scientifically proven” ingredients that works gradually and yet consistently over a period of time to product long lasting results. It is also a true multi-components skin care system to not just address acne treatment but also its prevention and effecting healing.

  • Proven, powerful all natural ingredients, work in harmony to get rid of your acne fast!
  • Clears your skin, making it vibrant and alive.
  • Clinically proven NATURAL ingredients ... with no side effects.
  • Complete and powerful 6 piece kit for daily usage. No loose ends or unfinished formulas .... a TOTAL acne solution.

5/5 Overall
4/5 Acne Treatment Power
4/5 Ingredients Quality
5/5 Company Service
5/5 Long Term Results
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Zenmed has been specifically designed to treat generalized (body) acne and not just acne of the face. It covers acne cycle at levels and with full impact i.e. not only treats but also prevents future acne flare-ups. Also, no significant side effects have been reported so far.

DermaCleanse by ZENMED also makes our list of top anti-acne products. Like the others, it’s sold with a money-back guarantee. It combines a modern topical acne medication (salicylic acid) with natural skincare ingredients in its cleanser and crème and also features a dietary supplement. Special ingredients in DermaCleanse products include cucumber, aloe vera, sage and thyme. ZENMED uses organic ingredients when possible.

4/5 Overall
4/5 Acne Treatment Power
3/5 Ingredients Quality
4/5 Company Service
3/5 Long Term Results
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More About Acne Treatment

How to get rid of acne?


Acne is one of the most frequently occurring skin disorders that can affect people of all races, genders and ages. With millions of people affected with acne worldwide each year, the most important questions for the acne sufferers are “Can I successfully treat this problem or will I ever be able to get rid of acne completely?” The good news, however, is that while acne is still considered “medically incurable”, there are some good natural ways of “controlling acne permanently and completely”. The following review focuses on different treatment options available for those who suffer from acne.


Classification of acne medications

Depending on their nature, composition and action, various medications used to treat acne can be divided into the following categories:


Medical therapy

Depending on the severity and type of acne you may be prescribed a medicine to be applied topically, taken orally, or both. Some of these medicines commonly include:

1- Topical retinoids for treating comedones (blackheads). However, they have limited benefit for inflammatory lesions such as pustules or cysts.

2- Topical antimicrobials (Benzoyl peroxide) help to reduce skin bacteria and provide good results in mild acne (pustules/pimples) but can be irritating to the skin.

3- Antibiotic therapy is generally done in moderate to severe acne. Topical antibiotics (e.g. Cleocin-T, Benzamycin) are often helpful for mild cases of acne. Oral antibiotics (tetracycline, erythromycin) have been used for years but have various side effects.


OTC / non-prescription medications

For mild acne, one can try over-the-counter (OTC) acne treatments before turning to your doctor for help. OTCs are usually milder than prescription-strength products and are readily accessible. OTC acne treatments can include medicated cleansers and topical creams and gels.


Surgical treatment

If you have scarring, your dermatologist may suggest surgery to help heal acne lesions and remove scarring. A laser can reshape scar tissue and reduce redness. Dermabrasion is a type of surgery that can remove surface scars and reduce the depth of deep scars. Another option is to transfer fat from one part of the body to the face. In some cases, a single treatment can help scarring. But for lasting results, several are often needed.


Best Acne Treatment

One of the most advanced and research-based treatment options for acne has recently arrived in the form of acne treatment product kits. These anti-acne kits (for example, Exposed Skin Care) actually comprise of a “system” consisting of several treatments that all work together to address various issues related with your acne simultaneously.

Let’s have a brief introduction of some of the best selling and recommended anti-acne and skin care systems:


1. Exposed Skin Care: Exposed Skin Care is one such remedy that, according to the most reviews and testimonials, works on all forms of pimples including whiteheads and blackheads. Therefore, it is generally believed that Exposed Skin care can treat almost all types of acne including nodular Acne, pustules, cysts, papules etc. In addition, it also helps to reduce the appearance of Acne scars and helps prevent redness / inflammation and swelling and also works to clear out the pores and restore a healthy balance to the skin. Once Acne is under control, it can be expected that Exposed Skin Care will work to keep the Acne from returning.


2. Clear Skin Max: Clear Skin Max  is another multi-component anti-acne and skin-care system that works to provide rapid and yet sustained relief in the inflamed and bruised skin pores affected by acne. In acne, major problem is that of the “obstruction” or blockade of the skin pores. This obstruction needs to be removed or cleared away. It appears that Clear Skin Max skin care system specifically targets the same by:

• Eliminating the bacteria, fungi and germs from the pores

• Clearing the debris, pathogens and extra sebum from the pores

• Removing the dead cells, pus (if present) and useless skin and then also replacing it with fresh cells and tissues

It is probably because of this multi-action and diversified mechanism of function that Clear Skin Max is now widely considered as an authentic and credible brand that has been successfully used by numerous users for years.


3.  ZenMed: Unlike other all-herbal based acne-care systems, ZenMed is a blend of both herbal as well as synthetic prescription-grade nutrients that have been long-used for the successful treatment and prevention of acne. ZenMed anti-acne and skin care system seems to have a unique mode of action that specifically targets both the root “cause” (internally) and the “effect” (externally) to reduce redness, pimples and lesions and prevent any additional breakouts.


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